Grooming Workshops


How does dressing  influence the way your staff works? Do your employees understand the importance of what they wear to work, how it needs to reflect the values and mission of the your company and be appropriate for the client they are dealing with? help your employees improve their grooming and image.


Do you know what suits your unique body?

Do you find that you often wear clothes that don’t make you feel good? That  don’t fit properly? that you can’t ever find anything to wear, even though you have a wardrobe full of clothes?Do things that look great on your similar sized friends look bad on you?

 We all usually blame our body for how our clothing looks, but it’s not your body, you’re just trying on the wrong clothes.

Discover how to look taller, slimmer, shorter, curvier – whatever it is that you’d like to change about your shape, no extreme makeover required. Learn how your personality traits affect what you wear, what you feel comfortable wearing, and what looks best on you and how it lets everyone else know a little bit more about you.


Have you ever wondered what your style personality is? Do you see other people ‘look great’andwhenyou try and copy their look, it just doesn’t work for you? Is your wardrobe a chaos of different clothing styles, some which work, but many that don’t make you feel great? Discover your clothing personality  and find out which clothing styles suit the real you and will help you project a great first impression.


Discover the secrets to travelling light using proven tips and techniques to keep your luggage to a minimum.  Discover the art of taking only carry on luggage, whether it’s a weekend away or 3 weeks. Learn how to make multiple outfits from only a few garments.


Do you want to look great in only 5 minutes a day?  Discover the secrets of the five minute makeup.  Learn how to highlight  and camouflage with quick and easy techniques.Get advice on the best makeup colours to truely look your best.


The coaching you will receive here is tailored towards the various personalities of the attendees and how to develop your personality and confidence when making a variety of presentations. The perennial favourite topics of presenters including, nerves, how to start & structure your presentation are all covered. Another popular topic deals with how not to go blank during your presentation and how to answer difficult questions.


  • The keys to structuring your presentation to engage even the most difficult of audiences
  • Getting Started – Learn how to win your audience from the outset
  • Discover how your personal mindsets regarding your presentation have more to do with your success than you realise
  • Learn where to look whilst presenting and how to ensure your entire audience feels you are just speaking to them
  • Difficult questions and how to answer them in a variety of circumstances
  • Developing your personal brand and how to promote yourself every time your speak
  • Vital points that every audience expect you to cover
  • How to read body language, not just in your audience but also learn to read your colleagues & friends
  • Audio visual equipment and its place when you are presenting
  • Have greater confidence for both business and social situations
  • Dealing with nervousness, before and during your presentation